Alternative Augeas-based providers for Puppet

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Alternative Augeas-based providers for Puppet

This module provides alternative providers for core Puppet types such as host and mailalias using the Augeas configuration library. It also adds some of its own types for new functionality.

The advantage of using Augeas over the default Puppet parsedfile implementations is that Augeas will go to great lengths to preserve file formatting and comments, while also failing safely when needed.

These providers will hide all of the Augeas commands etc., you don’t need to know anything about Augeas to make use of it.

# Updates kernel parameter in GRUB or GRUB 2 config
kernel_parameter { "elevator":
  value => "deadline",

If you want to make changes to config files in your own way, you should use the augeas type directly. For more information about Augeas, see the web site or the Puppet/Augeas wiki page.


Please file any issues or suggestions on GitHub.